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New Contemporary Art Museum –
Buenos Aires

The design of new Contemporary Art Museum is strictly joined with the whole urban context thanks to the alignment with surrounding buildings. The unique element apparently indipendent of the context is the building’s basement, which with its organic design, creates the lines of the new parterre, so that embrace the entire river bank. All the spaces and function are wrapped in a concrete box raised on pilotis that seems to float above an elevated landscape. Poured concrete, non precious and incredibly cheap, and molded forms were used to create a bold relief on the facades, suggesting a stratified rock emerging from the flat site. The podium contains entrance hall, auditoria and other spaces. Visitors enter both from ground floor and from the first floor, at the opposite side of building.Data:
maggio  2012

Tipologia incarico:
AC-CA Concorso d’architettura

Pasquale Raffa, Nemarch studio

Buenos Aires – Argentina


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